You will receive 1 week of free accommodation in a 5-star hotel in Brazil for each employee you hire from my agency to help you to get some rest in your next winter.


Guarantee of Success!

If  our  applicants don´t pass in your probatory period, we will refund your company with all travel and visa expenses * 

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Working with the Driver Recruiting Team to ensure that the Company is provided with high quality and quantity of Drivers and Owner Operators including: 

  1. Reviewing applications and ensuring all required documents are completed;
  2. Pre-screening all walk-in and phone inquiries by Driver applicants;
  3. Completing reference checks, and either recommending or declining applicants;
  4. Interviewing potential company Drivers ;
  5. Communicating with operations regarding creating positions for quality applicants, determining the need for positions, and identifying Driver trends;
  6. Completing active networking and strategic sourcing to attract high quality professional Drivers;
  7. Responsible for ensuring the overall standards of our safety & compliance programs are met as they apply to all potential and new hires including completion of Driver qualification process prior to hiring, assisting in administration of controlled substance testing, and any other safety & compliance issues;
  8. Playing an active role in the on-going development of the Driver Program;