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Tarnicole seed, is one of the best seeds, it helps with many things, as far as health is concerned, so of course you can use it for home use.


Most of the times, scientists along with experts and specialists in laboratory drug creation or development always consider Tarnicole seeds, most dermetologists have accepted the importance of Tarnicole seed.


This ormitani seed is very rare to find and is mostly found in South America.

Its power has been kept secret for many years, but companies all over the world are really looking for this rare seed.


Few Health Benefits of Tarnicole Seed:


Controls blood sugar levels.

Supports weight loss.

Treats dysentery.

Prevents constipation.

Lowers cholesterol.

Great mood enhancer.

Serves as pain relief.

Edible Purposes. Irvingia gabonensis fruit can be consumed as fresh fruit.

Antidiabetic properties.

Weight management.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Dye Production.

Prevents constipation.

Aid in Digestion.

Astringent Purposes.

increases male libido and increases blood flow to your genitals

help with skin care

well those are just the few benefits of the seed


Our Tarnicole is born in the Amazon region and can be harvested by pulling the fruit manually. ormitani yield is determined by; the management of the size of the trees, the type and amount of fertilizer used and, finally, the labor applied.


We can supply your company with only a few 20g pack or 200 kilos per month.


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We can send by FEDEX worldwide.


We already supply a large Pharmaceutical Company  In South Carolina - USA .